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Mother Lode Union School District

Mother Lode Union School District

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    2020-2021 School CalendaR NEWS

     The first student day to THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2020. 

    We have two (2) REVISED 2020-21 Student Calendars, 1 for Distance Learning and 1 for Blended Learning. 

    As a reminder, we will begin our year with 6 weeks of Distance Learning. It is still our plan to bring students back in our Blended Learning Model at the 6 week mark or as soon as possible.

    The Blended Learning Model brings half the students to school on Mondays and Tuesdays (Cohort A) and the other half on Thursdays and Fridays (Cohort B), with no students on campus on Wednesdays. In a Blended model, when students are not in school, they are doing Distance Learning in Google Classroom and checking in with teachers and support staff via Google Hangouts/Meet or Zoom.

    Our Virtual Academy families will follow the Distance Learning Calendar.

    Health Notice

    For Health Updates, please visit the Health Services  Page on our website.



    Campus Pictures

    Indian Creek Campus

    IC aerial view
    IC Aerial entrance view


    Herbert Green Campus

    HG aerial view admin office
    HG aerial view

    Emergency Procedures

    Should an emergency arise at school, we will use our emergency phone notification system to send out a message to advise you of the situation. As a parent, you can ensure that fire fighters, law enforcement, and school officials are able to handle an emergency. Please do not rush to the school to pick up your child. Emergency plans are in place to reunite students with their parents as quickly as possible.  Our most recent School Safety Plan can be found on the School Safety page of our website.

    Bus Application/Pass

    Please check our website in July 2020 for information with a list of dates and times parents will be able to fill out the application for a bus pass before school starts.

    Cafeteria News

    Nutrition Services has software available for families to apply online for free or reduced-price meals that is available under the nutrition tab of the district and school websites. We encourage families to complete the online application if they have access. Families without access to the online application may fill out paper application. 

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